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Jews You Should Know

Jan 10, 2022


Moshe Gersht has been on a spiritual journey most of his life.  As a child in Los Angeles, his upbringing was filled with ancient as well as new age wisdom instilled in him by his parents.  Finding success at an early age in a pop punk band, he soon had his first of several spiritual awakenings, and left the band to pursue a deeper spiritual truth.

Moshe returned to Jerusalem, and has spent a decade and a half studying the Torah.  As his new calling came into focus, he recently appeared in a Tedx talk, and has written a book – It’s All The Same To Me – that made the Wall Street Journal’s bestseller list.  His quest for the deeper spiritual truths in our existence, and his commitment to sharing what he’s learned with his fellow man make him a “Jew You Should Know”.



2:44  Moshe’s childhood and upbringing in LA

4:00  The beginnings of a band at 13, then his family makes Aliyah at 18

6:28  Moshe’s family starts investigating their roots after the passing of his grandfather. 

9:08  Musical beginnings for Moshe, playing the Whiskey-A-Go-Go

16:54 The band gains momentum, and gets major label interest

29:51 An existential crisis within the band forces a reckoning

34:38 Moshe begins questioning his life outside of the band and starts studying Torah

38:35 The difficult decision to leave the band, and enlightenment through study in Israel

46:29  Turning towards sharing his journey, via the Ted stage and through writing

52:43  The process behind translating the truths of the Torah in a nuanced, universal way

58:04  Connecting and sharing through social media, the TedX talk


Moshe’s Tedx talk can be found on YouTube.  His Wall Street Journal bestselling book, “It’s All The Same To Me”, can be found on Amazon.  For more information, find Moshe on the internet at


Jews You Should Know introduces the broader community to interesting and inspiring Jewish men and women making a difference in our world. Some are already famous, some not yet so. But each is a Jew You Should Know.

The host, Rabbi Ari Koretzky, is Executive Director of MEOR Maryland (, a premier Jewish outreach and educational organization. MEOR operates nationally on twenty campuses and in Manhattan; visit the national website at

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