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Jews You Should Know

Oct 18, 2021


Follow Shari Wallack on her amazing journey of transformation and self-discovery, as she rises “From Hell to Challah”.  Shari had her professional career upended as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, experienced a mental health crisis, and emerged from the hospital committed to finding a new path for her life.  Little did she know at the time that she would be soon traveling around the country in the midst of a pandemic, baking challah and sharing her journey and wisdom with old friends and new acquaintances.

She discusses the fears and challenges that led to her hospitalization, and how she charted a new path forward, learning the importance of sharing and vulnerability during a time of great uncertainty. She shares grains of wisdom about growth, relationships, parenting, and the joy of sharing one’s gifts with the world.



1:37   Introduction

4:29   Shari’s background working in the travel industry prior to the pandemic

5:38   Shari shares her Jewish upbringing, and how her faith grew through her children

8:38   Professional growth and business ownership upset by Covid’s impact on travel

10:52  The breaking point

14:13  A 95 day journey begins

17:20  Reactions from family

22:46  Traveling the country

28:42  A new chapter in life – as an author!

35:41  Looking back, the reasons for wanting to escape

40:22  Travel adventures, and the road back home

50:56  Lessons learned, and new opportunities await!

55:08  Advice for those struggling with depression



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